Nov 10

Visual Studio 2013 Tips and Tricks

Tag: Tipps und TricksTorsten @ 22:18

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 has been out for a while now. But not all of my beloved extensions and tools have been released in a 2013 compatible version…

  1. One of the tools I miss the most is „Productivity Power Tools“. Mostly because it can be set up so that it automatically removes unused usings and sorts them, as well as perform an auto text formatting prior to every save (via CTRL+S). I really like this feature, as it ensures that your code is always properly formatted and the usings are also clean.

    Out of desire for this feature I have therefore written my own Visual Studio 2013 extension called Remove and Sort Usings and Format Document on Save and released it to the public. Feel free to download and vote or comment, if you find it useful.

  2. Another Tool that is not yet officially supported is StyleCop (integrated into the VS 2013 IDE).
    But there is a version which does work (hidden away in some forum post).
    You can find it here, with a link to the SkyDrive:

  3. Don’t throw away Visual Studio 2012 too soon. Especially if you are developing ASP .NET using classic application pool and dynamic URL redirection (IIS 7.x module). This is no longer supported in the integrated Visual Studio 2013 debugging web host (IIS Express) it seems… 🙁